Saturday 15 July 2017

A walk on the wild side

This shrew - not alive sadly - but still looking pretty perky.
Like the mole I found last year.

I swear this hen was posing.
It froze until it heard the shutter click.

Human being herded by hens.

Bees love drumstick alliums.

I took out a huge dogwood which revealed the weedy mess 
that the site of an old pond had become behind it.
One thing led to another and we found we had cleared a corner without
a real plan, so we plonked down six bags of woodbark on weed suppressing membrane,
(two trips to the garden centre because one always underestimates)
and a few large logs from the cedar cut down  two years ago
and lo! all the disposessed frogs came hopping out.
This one hopped onto my bare foot which was a cold and clammy surprise,
but no more than I deserved for taking away its ancestral home.

This Red Admiral has taken to basking each evening during the last minutes
before the sun goes behind a tall tree and rapidly plunges the garden into shadow.


  1. Always enjoy a walk on the wild side. The shrew looks so soft.

    1. They have wicked sharp teeth but are not rodents interestingly.

  2. Isn't this time of year wonderful for wildlife? I like frogs but I'm glad my feet weren't bare when I had my encounter recently. We did sit and look at each other for quite a while though. I'd forgotten what large hops they have.

  3. We haven't seen froglets or frog here for so many years but this area (which is now built on) used to be on their route after becoming froglets. We used to catch as many as we could and take them over the road.

  4. Nothing like any of these experiences are possible on the street where I live.
    Thank you for allowing me the vicarious nature contacts. xo