Thursday 8 December 2016

Winter light

Whilst I loudly lament the lights going on at 3pm,
and I do seem to mind it more each year,
there is no denying that the low sun and crisp air
have brought scenes that are never possible when the sun is high
and the nights short.

Not today though.
Today it is all murk and mizzle. 


  1. It is the same here, so different from the delightful sunny and frosty days we had so recently.

  2. mizzle?
    Would be blowing wet as my mother used to say?

  3. So beautiful. There's something much more intimate about winter light.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I mind the short days less now that I'm retired and don't usually get up till 8, when it's not quite so dark.

  5. Low winter light, absolutely stunning.