Monday 26 September 2016

Summer's End

It was a perfect day to tackle a section of the 1066 Country Walk.

 And then this:
the sight of House Martins congregating on telephone wires and roofs.

We stopped half way for lunch in a pub,

turned back to retrace our footsteps,

and every last one of them had gone.

Today I pulled up the spent squash and runner bean plants
and started to think about -

you might want to look away now - 

my Advent window.


  1. Beautiful photos; the temps are dropping here too and soon we will be pulling up our withered plants as well! Enjoyed your lovely photographs quite a bit! ;-)

  2. There are just so many knock-out pictures there it's hard to know what to say or where to begin. But that first picture of the gate is to me the best of a brilliant series. I am not artistic at all so I don't really understand how and why it works so well, but it has a huge impact on me. I think it's something to do with the strength and security in the gate - its dominance in the composition, the darkness of the exposure, the heaviness of the pattern, and the total contrast with the softness of the clouds and the small branch emerging above the gate post. I love the road enticing my eye out of the picture into the unknown - which is out of my reach because of that closed gate...and the way the horizon curve almost, but not quite, meets the road curve. The wonderful contrast between the straight lines of the gate and the perfect curves of the environment (especially the horizon, but the curve of the road as well) has a very powerful effect on me.

    And I'm not frightened by Advent, I have well-developed coping strategies. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

    1. I really appreciate your generous analysis of my pictures. I had another look to see the top one through your eyes. And now after a hiatus in visiting your largely private blog and because comments are switched off, I just want to say I hope that all will go as well as possible with you. I'd say buy yourself something useful! And possibly even beautiful too.

    2. I enjoyed the curves, the small man made one on the gate, and the sweeping curve of the field.

  3. It is interesting - what makes a photo stand out. Yours usually have an unusual perspective, I think.

    There is a real sense of change now, but welcome too. Summer shouldn't go on too long or it becomes stale. Lighting the stove in the evenings and drawing the curtains is rather comforting. Getting into the Hygge vibe!

  4. Lucille, you had a glorious day for your 1066 Country Walk explorations. I thank you very much for taking along your camera. All that you show us here really does chronicle the seasonal change beautifully.

    After having a long lingering look at your photographs, I also did a bit of research on what the 1066 walk involves and can understand its appeal. xo

  5. Oh it's always a sad day when the swallows and martins leave - - summer gone for another year.

  6. Millions of geese will be flying in here soon . Swallows are much daintier , aren't they .

  7. I enjoyed the pictures of the House Martins, they are such sweet birds. I shall now look forward to their return.

    Enjoy your advent calendar.