Tuesday 20 January 2009

Still in the 1940s

And following yesterday's post I dug out this catalogue featuring two more of my jigsaws.
The Flying Scotsman was really difficult, but the Horse was described as being, "cut into a few simple pieces with the background left entire so that there is an outline of the object to be made up." 
Rather astonishingly it suggests that,
 "when the jigsaw becomes too easy it can be cut into more pieces." 
Luckily I was never told this was an option or I would have certainly had a go at it with my trusty penknife.
I still mourn the loss of this knife with its mother-of-pearl handle.
 I dropped it out of the apple tree I was perching in and never saw it again.

I also deeply regret missing the opportunity to visit schools in Sweden in May 1939.
The brochure tells me that Paul Abbatt conducted a party of parents and teachers to find out at first hand about the educational system. 
The tour was to last 10-14 days and ' the fees will be kept as moderate as possible.'

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  1. The jigsaw puzzles are beautiful! Works of art really................. I just love their graphic quality, and the colours................. Lucky you to be the owner of these precious things...........