Sunday 23 November 2008

The Family Week-end Book by Beryl Irving 1941

If you are lucky with your views..., don't shut them out with net blinds.
Make the view the centrepiece of decoration as the Japanese do. 

It is lovely to put on the light in the nursery just at the time which turns 
the day fading blue by contrast.
If you open the window wide on a mild November
you can still see the colours of the garden gleaming through the blue, 
like a Hiroshige print.
Perhaps there will be a mist of twiggy treetops stretching away up the garden 

and a blackbird hopping up and down on the near ones, looking very black.

And away at the end another mist of blue smoke from a bonfire, 
making a background for the scarlet and russet apples 
still clinging to bare branches, in spite of last night's gale.
Your children will probably not appreciate the scene as you do, 

but it will lie there in the back of their minds like a heap of leaf mould, 
ripening with time until it is ready to enrich the garden.
Autumnal moon at Tawagama.

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  1. So descriptive. I love to have my curtains open in all seasons.