Monday, 6 September 2010

Shrinking the gap

This prophetic link, sent from Japan

by my son with whom I can chat freely on Skype.
I can see his room with its tokonoma, tatami, 
futon, kakejiku, fusama and shoji;
walk with him into the bathroom 
for a demonstration of the Super Toilet,
 talk to his lovely host 'mother'
over a cup of cherry tea,
indulge in a little show and tell exchange
with our favourite pieces of china,
and listen to the birds calling in a Japanese garden,
5,910 miles away.


  1. The video clip certainly was very prophetic, just amazing how accurate it was.
    So much has changed since I did my OE (overseas experience) during the 1970's - a letter was my only option to communicate with my parents as phoning was too expensive, for them as well as for myself. I would post a letter and think that the quickest I would a reply would be 2 weeks but it was usually more like 3, now communication is instantaneous! How wonderful that you can experience your son's life in Japan so easily and so well with Skype.

  2. "And I think to myself....... what a wonderful world!"

  3. All I can hear when I speak to MasterM on Skype is a party in the room next door. It doesn't seem to matter what the time of day is.

    It is a wonderful thing to see the world that they live in - even if this Japanese home sounds more serene than the views that I am familiar with.

  4. If you watch Star Trek from the 1960's, so much of the science fiction technology they use on board the Starship Enterprise exists today. It is fascinating, but not surprising. After all, if the human mind can imagine something, the reality of it cannot be too far ahead, I think.